Move your Ruckus WiFi Network to the Cloud

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Ruckus Smart Access Management


Cloud Hosted Ruckus Network

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*For 60 month contract. $6 for 36 month contact, $7 for 12 month contract.

Ruckus Smart Access Management


Cloud Hosted Social Media Login

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Ruckus in the Cloud

We are the experts in moving WiFi networks to a cloud hosted Ruckus and Smart Access Management service (SAMs). Our Ruckus in the cloud can support tens of thousands of Ruckus WiFi access points, ensuring a consistent user experience across all your locations, while providing better uptime than a locally managed Ruckus Zone Director.

Flexible Hosting in the Cloud

Our cloud based services provide the power and scalability you need in a rapidly moving market; our fully redundant data centers provide you with the best uptime in the business. We provide Ruckus Smart Access Management (SAMs) in the cloud at the price you can afford, backed by the best service in the business.

Social Media Authentication

Raise your social media profile and engage your customer in the social media platform they prefer. Today’s word of mouth advertising, Social Media, helps you understand who your customers are and how to meet their needs. Did you know a Facebook "like" has been valued at over $175?

Advertising, Demographics and Analytics

Control your e-marketing with Deep Blue Communications’ monetization and targeted advertising tools. Collect user information based on login method, gender and age group to monetize your WiFi network, optimize your business operations and elevate your user’s experience.

Additional Deep Blue Communications Service Options

Real-Time Network Monitoring

With our real time WiFi network monitoring and alert system we can monitor your system 24/7/365 to verify that your WiFi network is functioning properly, quickly diagnosing and solving any issue in a timely manner. With our Level III support we have the ability to proactively support your WiFi network and respond to issues before you report them!

24/7/365 U.S. Based Helpdesk

If problems ever occur, we are here to help around the clock, 24/7/365. Our three tiered support and cloud based personalized job ticketing system ensures you are never on your own. Your customer’s satisfaction is our number one concern.